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Mar 23

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011 |

I previously wrote about the weird guy in the opposite cell from mine.  We can see each other across the hall, not that I am looking to see what he is doing.  But, every time I stand up, or go to the cell door, he jumps up and goes to his window.  It has been totally freaking me out.  He has no neck, is very overweight, and wears very thick black prison-issue eyeglasses.  I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I said something to him in a friendly way.

He told me that they are holding him in the SHU pending escape charges.  This also explains why he is the only other SHU inmate that I have not seen with a cellie.  The guy said that he has been “down” for seventeen years and had another three years to go.  When he told me that, I asked why he escaped.   A guy who has done seventeen years can easily do another three years standing on his head.  I told him that I didn’t get that bonehead move.  He just shrugged his shoulders at me.  Escape carries at least another five years added onto whatever he had remaining.

There is always a nurse going to his cell.  So, I assume he has some medical issues which explains why he is at Butner.

I later found out that he walked away from the camp.  They called him Bond (no kidding), but nobody could tell me whether that was his real name or a street name.  Apparently, he met his wife at some rendezvous point and they drove to Mexico together.  They went into a bar and got drunk.  Bond told somebody that he escaped from a federal prison.  The bar patron alerted the authorities and he was arrested.  He must have been extradited back to the U.S.  Bond is awaiting trial for the escape and will never see another camp again.  The dude is crazy.

I’m glad I got the introduction out of the way.  I noticed that he is not jumping up every time I go to the cell door now.  I’m sure he is as lonely, perhaps more so, than I.

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