How the Prison Blog Started

The Beginning of My Prison Story

I faced the ultimate humiliation and life-changing event when my employer was taken into receivership by the North Carolina Attorney General’s office in June 2007.  Amid allegations of fraud,  a resulting federal criminal investigation dragged on for years. As an officer of the company, I was implicated in the ensuing investigation.  There was grand jury testimony and then the difficult decision whether to plead guilty. I experienced significant legal fees, financial ruin, stress that took a huge toll on my health and marriage and faced the possibility of spending my life in prison if I lost at trial.  My wife and I agreed in August 2009 that I would take the U.S. Attorney’s offer of one count of conspiracy and a five-year sentence.

I was officially sentenced in March 2010 and was given one year to report to prison. In February 2011, the government agreed to a six-month extension to report. I reported to Low-Security facility at FCI Butner on August 16, 2011. On September 1, 2011, I was picked up by a guard and put into solitary confinement in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) for protective custody.  Four weeks later, I was transferred to the satellite camp which houses minimum security inmates, also known as “campers”. I was released on October 8, 2014, to home confinement, which converted to “supervised release” for two years in February 2015. I concluded my supervised release on February 7, 2017 – and am now a totally free man.

Why This Blog

This blog is not about the circumstances leading to my incarceration. Rather, the blog discusses my daily life and observations while in Butner as told through correspondence and phone calls to my wife Christine. Christine never lived on her own until this point, so this would be a very different experience for her as well. Christine also shares some of her experiences as a spouse of an inmate, including visitation, communication and the changes in her life while I was in Butner.

I have eight siblings and numerous nephews and nieces, and we have a large support group of dear friends that have stood by us through these very difficult times. Our support group was so large, it is very difficult for myself or Christine to keep everyone informed. This blog was, in part, designed for our family and friends since it is virtually impossible to keep family and friends updated in any other way.

However, it soon became evident that I was writing about things, that had they been told to the outside world, there was a real risk that the prison officials would exact retribution on me. For this reason, we made a decision to take the original blog down until I completed my supervised release.

In preparing to go to prison in 2011, we found very little in the way of firsthand accounts of prison camp life on the internet and none on Butner. We believe others facing our fate will appreciate the information that we share here.