White-Collar Teachers

Prison Life

Apr 17

Friday, October 28th, 2011 |

I previously wrote that I will be teaching in the Education Department.  Today, the Education Director said I may not be able to teach the real estate course.  The reason being my conviction was about real estate. Most white-collar teachers at Butner are here because it involved something in their business. I don’t know how they will ever get courses taught if they persist in this line of thinking.

The drug dealers have, for the most part, no other work experience.  Only the white-collar guys teach. BOP has taken nearly all their financial support away from education. So, if it wasn’t for the white-collar guys, there would be very little education.

Money Smart

BOP does a terrible job of preparing guys for the outside world. I would guess that 75% of the guys here have no experience with bank accounts and basic personal financial management. In addition, most of these guys have no clue how much the world has changed since they have been incarcerated.

I will soon be teaching the “Money Smart” class because David (the guy currently teaching the course) has been designated out of Butner. The Money Smart curriculum is totally out of date and boring.  The inmates must take the course, but most of them sleep through the class.  David doesn’t follow the curriculum, but, unfortunately, he is talking over most the campers’ heads.  I will re-write the curriculum when I teach the class.

The lack of quality education program does not surprise me given a culture oriented towards warehousing inmates rather than preparing them to be productive members of society. It is no wonder that long term recidivism rate is in excess of 85%. It is very sad.

Consideration for Teaching

Teachers make very little money for teaching.  I expect to make no more than $10 a month.  In addition, the inmates who teach receive no other consideration for their time and services. As an example, the camper who teaches a boiler class, and works his ass off running the boiler room, was denied having a fourth adult visitor. All requests for more than three adult visitors must be approved in advance. They wouldn’t even approve his request!