Weird Guy – Part II

Guest Posts

Mar 27

One of my friends from the Camp saw my Weird Guy post.  He recognized the inmate and knows the story of his camp escape.   My friend filled in some interesting details.  This is my friend’s email to me:

“Bond was in my unit at the camp. His name was “Lemuel”, I think. He went by the nickname of “Buck”.  Bond was a good chess player, maybe the best on the ‘pound. He always bragged about how good he was.

We had an early run in when he started to take my clothes out of the washing machine.  He said “you don’t want to fuck with me because I’ve been down a minute”.  I told him I didn’t give a fuck if he was born behind the goddamned wire.  If he ever touched my clothes again, I was going to beat the fuck out of him. He just smiled and could not have been nicer to me after that.

The medical staff told him he only had a year to live and would die before his release date.  He had severe respiratory problems. Every morning as soon as the doors would pop, he would take his rolling walker to the track. Thinking he was out of view, he would exercise and walk the track. I saw him doing this every day for a month.

Bond was a first-class piece of shit. But, he did get me commissary with no markup/cut so I did business with him several times.

Bond Walks

Bond told his cellie, a loud mouth crooked ex-cop named Mike McD (who built his release funds by filing downward departure motions for nearly every black inmate at the camp…$20 per), he was planning to walk (escape).  McD told this to several other inmates but, surprisingly, no one talked.

The day Bond walked, the CO’s didn’t detect his disappearance until the 9 pm standup count.  The guards counted at least ten times. Each time the tension rose as more officers entered the unit, and ultimately a lieutenant called in an assistant warden. They called the marshal service in and they interviewed everyone.

He was going to get me things on commissary as he had done before.  So, I had my wife wire $50 to his son. I was really pissed off because he walked from the Camp two days after he told me to wire the funds.  I told the marshals, if he ever made it back to the camp, I was going to be sure to get my fifty dollars’ worth in “Get some”.

Bond went to Mexico and was supposedly caught trying to get back into the U.S. by the Border Patrol.  He never made it back to the camp, of course, and did the rest of his time at the FMC. I heard he died there.  But, I never cared enough about him to have that checked by my people. I just hoped I would see him one day at the FMC so I could “get some” of my fifty back.

Just shows how you will put your gut feelings about someone aside if you can use them to fulfill your needs.  I never used people like that before. Shows you what being down does to you.”