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Jul 28

Friday, April 20th, 2012 |

In today’s inspections, the camp administrator and the two counselors came through our unit opening lockers. This is after previous near daily room inspections.  They confiscated non-nude pin-up photos, food, locker buddies and a bunch of real petty stuff. We were due to be hit up. The other units have been getting hit over the last few weeks. By far and away, our unit is the cleanest and has had the least trouble. It was not enough to save us today.

As I write this, our counselor is calling guys in to give them shots. One of my friends got a shot for having an unauthorized water bottle of all things! I told you it was petty.   Another friend had gotten a shot for having a magazine under his pillow, and another got a shot for having his bible and a meditation book under his pillow.

They were giving shots for having fruit in the lockers. The problem was that our posted cell sanitation rules allow up to four pieces of fruit on the shelves between the lockers.  They took the rules down rather than allow the fruit. Then, they took back some of the fruit shots.

This whole thing is insanity. If you ask a counselor or case manager a question, they will tell you to come back because they are too busy. However, they have enough time to spend hours going through meaningless inspections and shakedowns. I’m still hoping this silliness ends soon.

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