Team Meetings

Prison Life

Apr 28

Thursday, November 10th, 2011 |

I had my team meeting last night. We have a counselor for everyday issues and a case manager for our overall incarceration issues. The inmates have team meetings with the case manager and counselor every 6 or 12 months depending how long you have left.

These meetings could be much more worthwhile than they are. The BOP uses a form that sets goals and documents certain aspects of your incarceration. The meetings last five minutes or less. This gives you an indication about how lightly these meetings are taken.

The case manager started telling me about vocational training including boiler training. I laughed. The last thing anybody needs is a wrench in my hands. I explained that I have agreed to teach several classes.  I am not a candidate for vocational training. She caught on quick and asked if I could teach “job skills training”. I’m not exactly sure what that means but I agreed to do it. I’ll get with the education coordinator next week.

The BOP has certain classes which they “require” you to take.  Money Smart and Job Skills are two of them.  They will also require the GED program if an inmate does not have a high school education or a GED already.  Butner puts a lot of pressure on inmates to take these classes.  It is common for the case manager or counselor to sanction a camper by putting them on the beach or not giving the camper halfway house time.

As a camper gets closer to going home, the case manager will start discussing the home confinement and halfway house time with the inmate.  The key thing that the campers are looking for is their “date” – being the date they leave the camp, whether it be to home confinement or halfway house.