Talked to Unit Manager

Family Impact

Mar 14

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011 |

I tried calling Butner several times again today and finally got through. Rather than leaving another useless message to his counselor, Ms. Butler, that would go unanswered.  I went over her head to Kevin’s unit manager.  I almost dropped the phone when he answered! The unit manager was less than cordial, especially when I wanted to find out if Kevin had been charged with anything.  He told me he couldn’t talk about it for legal reasons.

The guy finally agreed to talk to me about whether I could visit Kevin this weekend. It was like pulling teeth to get him to look up Kevin’s file.  I still don’t understand the visitation point system. I wanted to make sure I could visit before traveling from Atlanta to Butner.  If I got turned away on Thursday, I would have someone to hold accountable. He verified that Kevin had gotten his CPAP and his meds, but that was all. How unfulfilling, but at least I was going to be able to see Kevin!

Trying to Sell Our House

We have been fighting foreclosure on our house and we had come to an agreement with the lender on a settlement.  Now, all I had to do was sell the house … fast.  I had priced the house aggressively to attract an immediate offer. A buyer said they would offer $50k less than asking.  I told them not to even bother. I was firm and I had another buyer appointment for the following day, even though it was a travel day to see Kevin. Later that evening, the first buyer submitted a less than full price offer.   I countered hoping that we would get into a bidding war with the next buyer. However, they signed my counter! Yippee! One down and a thousand more steps to go to get this sold! Wait until I can tell Kevin about this; he is going to be so relieved!

Sometimes I wonder if life ever slows down? I know it does when death comes, but in the meantime, it really can be a rat race! And we don’t have children to complicate it more!