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May 11

Drug Program Transfers

Prison Life

Monday, December 19th, 2011 |

There is a guy in our unit who is being transferred to a residential drug program at another prison. He was called up front yesterday, told to pack all his personal property and bring it to R&D (release and discharge). They will inventory it and box everything. I assume he will be shipping out on Monday. They normally tell you to “pack out” 24 – 48 hours before leaving.  Drug program transfers are very common.

They won’t tell him where he is going until he has left the facility as a security precaution to prevent escape. He will not be able to tell his family anything until he gets to the new facility. Though, campers would be incredibly stupid to escape given the benefits of camp life versus the harsh reality of being assessed additional time in a higher security prison (“behind the fences”).

The drug program is one year, and he will be subject to transfer again when he finishes the program. His participation in the program will get his release date pushed up by one year. Most of these drug programs are “behind the fences” and intense. I know a guy who was in the program at Butner (since discontinued), and he didn’t care for the program. However, the benefits far outweigh the hassles.

The guys leaving Butner are pretty much out by midday. I understand that the “cho-mo’s” don’t leave until after 4 pm for their own safety and to prevent press attention.