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Sep 08

Cell Phone Offenders Get Shipped

Prison Life

Friday, June 15th, 2012 |

All new inmates must through Admission and Orientation (A&O).  This is where the staff goes over the different resources and policies at the institution with the new guys. The camp administrator told the new guys at yesterday’s A&O that the camp associated ten previously confiscated phones with the inmate-owners. She said that the hole was full so they were going to pick-up these cell phone offenders as space becomes available.

In addition, they “know” that there was a drop of more cell phones earlier in the week. The shop guys were told not to report to work today so we assume they are shaking down the shops today. We are expecting a shakedown in our units this weekend.

The camp administrator also said that they were shipping the cell phone offenders as far from home as possible. There are some North Carolina guys going to Texas and California. I keep thinking, “what are these guys thinking?” Apparently, at least one of the guys had nude pictures of himself on his phone that he was sending to girlfriends. I would say that is proof positive – dummy!

Why work yourself down to a camp and then blow it on a cell phone? Now, they go back behind the fence permanently and are far from home. How can this possibly be worth it?

Sep 07

Assistant Warden Threatens to Cut-off Phone, Email, Recreation, Visitation & TV!

Prison Life

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 |

There was a mandatory town hall meeting today regarding cell phones where the Assistant Warden (AW) read the campers the riot act about cell phones. There a lot of stupid guys that have cell phones. They are stupid for having them in the first place, but doubly stupid for getting caught. The camp has been coming down hard on these cell phones.  To say the SHU is filled with campers, as has been reported, is perhaps an exaggeration, but probably not by much. However, this does tell me that they have not been shipping these guys out fast enough.

The AW threatened to cut-off all the TVs, cut-off access to the weight pile, eliminate visitation and cut-off all telephone service, if they find another cell phone. Everybody is PO’d. Can you imagine the blowback from families if visitation and phones are cut off from their loved ones! It is common to take away privileges as punishment but her threats are going way too far.

Essentially, she is willing to punish 340 guys for the action of one person. I doubt that BOP Regional would let her cut off visitation and phones, but you never know.

I got to tell you that nobody can make this stuff up. First and foremost, the staff doesn’t respect the inmates, so the inmates don’t respect them. This place is out of control, and it is not solely because of some bad inmates. We keep hearing that there is a management change coming but it cannot come fast enough!


Sep 05

Cigarettes in Prison

Prison Life

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012 |

There is a lot of money to be made by bringing contraband into a high security prison, so it is not surprising that a CO that was busted for trying to bring cigarettes into the Deuce.   The CO is in serious trouble that will probably include prosecution. There was also a rumor that a mysterious substance was also involved, perhaps heroin, but this is just a rumor.

It is very easy for COs to bring contraband into the prison, where it is extremely difficult without CO help for anyone else.  This doesn’t mean that inmates aren’t creative.

I knew a guy who worked at the Butner central warehouse.  He told me he would put cartons of cigarettes into supply boxes destined for the Deuce.  He arranged to have another inmate-friend intercept the boxes to get the cigarette cartons out of the box to sell.

Cigarettes sell for three to four books of stamps for each cigarette! An inmate can buy a $9 book of stamps from other inmates for $5 or $6, on a best-case scenario. So, you are looking at least $15 per cigarette – that is $3,000 per carton!  The guy I knew was paid $1,000 per carton.  His friend could sell the packs for $200 each ($2,000 for the carton).  The guys buying the packs were then sell the individual smokes.

The camp gets a lot of cigarettes since it is easy to get them in the camp. Cigarettes sell here for two stamps each. It is a supply/demand function. Cigarettes won’t get you booted from the camp.  But, you will lose multiple months of phone, email and commissary privileges.  One of my friends lost all three for eight months. He was caught again but he was treated less harshly the second time by a more lenient disciplinary officer.

Aug 31

Contraband Busts

Prison Life

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 |

Some guys are so stupid. I have written often that guys are always trying to bring in contraband such as cell phones and smokes. It happened again last night. Two guys got busted when they ventured into the woods at around 8 pm. I know a guy that warned them that there was a lot of COs around, and they blew off the warning. Of course, they were spotted by the perimeter trucks.

The COs shut down the compound and a bunch them converged on the area. They got the guys and their stash which included large quantities of booze, cell phones and cigarettes.  These guys can get additional charges for bringing contraband into a prison. This is very serious.

I’m getting the impression that there are few cigarettes and cell phones on the compound because of all the recent raids.  So, I bet there is serious money involved in bringing new stuff in.  There are a lot of snitches on the compound trying to save their own asses. This is a huge consideration for the guys that bring in contraband.  This is a small place and rumors spread fast.

All this is compounded by the finding of some cell phones in the Native American Indian camp area. They have a teepee and campfires in this area. It is on the far edge of the recreation yard so it is a tempting area to hide phones. Those guys had to change their worship schedule to accommodate the chaperoning by a chaplain.