Surprise Shakedown

Prison Life

May 05

Sunday, December 11th, 2011 |

I was relaxing yesterday afternoon talking to one of my friends.  Suddenly, a bunch of CO’s came rushing into the unit for a surprise shakedown.  The CO’s told everyone to get out right away. We thought it was a shakedown of everyone’s cell. We had to wait outside the unit for at least 45 minutes in the cold (fortunately we had some sun). There were a lot of nervous guys about what might be found in the shakedown. One guy kept on looking into the door trying to see if he could figure out who they were looking at. He was VERY nervous.

In the end, they “packed out” two guys and they were sent to the hole. We have no idea what was found.  Apparently, they were the only two guys targeted in the shakedown since the other lockers were not touched. I assume these two guys won’t be coming back to the camp.