COs and Staff Rotate Between Facilities Quarterly

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Jul 06

Friday, March 23rd, 2012 |

COs and some staff rotate between the different facilities on a quarterly basis. This is the first week of the new quarter and some of these guys are going to take getting used to.

There is one guy who thinks he is super cop. Everyone calls him Opie behind his back.  He got the nickname because he looks like Opie from “The Andy Griffith Show.”  Opie hates his nickname and would be quick to make trouble for a guy who calls him by that name.

Our new “SuperCop” is nicknamed Opie, after Ron Howard’s character in the Andy Griffith Show

Opie spends all his time searching lockers, and generally creating havoc where it is not necessary. For example, he called both an AM census and a PM census yesterday. A census is where the campers return to their units, they lock the doors, and a CO comes through to mark your name off their list (like a roll call). In the past, there may be one or two weekly AM census, and I don’t recall any PM census. I’m told other camps don’t do this at all. It is unheard of to do both in one day.

The food service COs rotate a week or two after the regular rotation. I can’t wait until the morning CO rotates out of food service. He is a total jerk to the extent that you don’t know if he is serious when he is talking. I also believe he is a racist.

Steel Toed Boots for Weight Lifting

I have been lifting weights in my walking shoes as opposed to the required steel toe shoes. Apparently, Opie is a stickler for details including the steel toe boots on the weight pile. The Laundry Department would not give me steel toed boots without turning in my soft shoes despite my plantar fasciitis. I complained to my counselor. She talked to Medical and they told her the same thing as Laundry told me. I asked what sense does it make for me to worsen my plantar fasciitis for the sake of lifting weights a few hours a week. This is typical asinine treatment we get that makes no sense whatsoever. I’ll have to talk to the Camp Administrator but she is not the type of person to do anything.

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