Staff Changes

Prison Life

Aug 29

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 |

We are becoming aware of some staff changes from several of the staff.  They said the camp administrator was no longer here, but on medical leave. She had a lot of medical problems and had taken a lot of leave in the past year. I sure this is the best thing for her, and it is great news to us.

We have an “acting” camp administrator that we know nothing about. It couldn’t be any worse than what we had. There’s has been no general announcements about any of the management changes. I find this extremely unusual coming out of the corporate world. There are so many rumors going around you wouldn’t believe it. This is called “”.

It will be interesting to see what changes are made by the new “acting” camp administrator or a new permanent administrator.

Camp Doctor Leaving

The other change concerns our camp doctor.  Apparently, he is taking a FMC complex medical administration position. I have mixed thoughts about this change. On the one hand, he did protect some inmates from relocation when he thought it was in their best interest.  We had good conversations about medical conditions. I also thought that he was generally trying to do his best. On the other hand, the medical staff under his supervision are incompetent and totally lacks judgment and compassion. In reality, the entire medical staff needs to be transferred out of the camp and new blood brought in. The inmates have no confidence and respect for the medical staff. I’ve written extensively about this subject.

In addition, it still grates me that a nurse stood over an inmate while he was having a medical emergency.  Nurse Valentine accused him of faking it rather than calling for an ambulance. Instead, she told the COs to take him to the hole. As I have said before, he died in front of the nurse and the two COs trying to get him handcuffed and shackled. They just watched him die. There has been no investigation that we have seen.  None of the inmates have been interviewed. Furthermore, none of the staff involved were put on administrative leave pending investigation.

In my opinion, these BOP staff were at the very least negligence in his death, and at worse, were willfully neglectful. As I said before, I fully expect BOP to whitewash this whole thing. Given the chance, the BOP will blame the inmate’s bad health including diabetes, heart issues, etc. to deflect attention from their culpability. They’ll probably get away with it.