Staff Attitude Towards Inmates

Prison Life

Jun 01

Thursday, January 19th, 2012 |

Regarding the staff attitude towards inmates, I experienced condescension from the administrative staff on three different occasions yesterday. This is as common with the camp administrative staff as much as with the medical staff. In so many ways I find this funny. My fellow inmates agree. Here are people with little education and status talking down to their fellow man simply because they can. For the most part, these people seem very unhappy and mad at the world.  They have high-paying but dead-end jobs, and they have little regard for others. How hard is it to treat others with respect? I try to stay away from the staff as much as I can.  But, interaction is inevitable.

It’s also interesting because I do not get the same treatment from the COs. One of my friends theorized that the COs get rotated to different prisons within Butner. The camp is easy for them. If they treated prisoners with disrespect in, say, the Deuce (Butner’s high-security prison) where many of the guys have life sentences, they would get beat up.  One of the COs that has a reputation of causing unnecessary trouble with the inmates also works at the Deuce. He was once chased down the hall by an inmate who was mad at the CO for some reason. Most, but not all, COs won’t treat the inmates with disrespect.

I had more of a problem at the Low with a few COs.  I was probably overly sensitive since it was my first two weeks in prison. The Hole was totally a different story though. Nearly all COs treated the prisoners with disrespect, if not hostility.

For example, there was one CO who handcuffed me to take me out to the recreation yard. I made a very simple and kind request to be placed in the part of the yard with the least amount of sun because of my skin condition. He responded by lifting my handcuffed arms high behind me forcing my upper body to push down. He did this twice. This cruelty was totally uncalled for. In addition, it hurt. Other COs in the Hole would routinely ignore your requests, and, for the most part, be rude. I guess they don’t see the need for common decency to the guys in the Hole.