The SHU Ordeal Begins!

Prison Life

Mar 07

Thursday, September 1st, 2011 |

I was so proud: I had balanced our accounts electronically and gotten them to coincide with Quicken.  However, that was after three hours with the bank and their support with Quicken!  Kevin probably thought I’d never get it done! He had been paying our bills since we were married.  I used to do it the old-fashioned way…. paper!

Kevin Picked-Up

I was doing a market analysis for our house and another listing to put into the real estate listing service system for Labor Day. It was a full work day.  Kevin hadn’t called or emailed by late afternoon so I was getting concerned. At 8:30 pm, the phone, which is now ALWAYS by my side, rang and Kevin told me that he had been hauled off into the SHU-Solitary Housing Unit (aka the “Hole”)! He was picked up by the guards at approximately 1:30 pm without any explanation. He can’t make but one call every 30 days; no email and, obviously. no visitors. NOTHING! When he questioned anyone, there were no answers.  Kevin will provide me with more details later.

We expected something might happen.  Kevin had me alert his attorneys that Kevin had run into a co-defendant on his case. This is against sentencing and BOP policy.  The two co-defendants in the same facility in an open case could jeopardize his safety and his pending downward departure review.  This second concern was that the co-defendant could “taint” Kevin’s testimony. While we knew, this co-defendant was in Butner Low Security, we didn’t think it would be an issue since Kevin was slated for the Camp.

Kevin had been assigned to Food Services on Tuesday, where the other co-defendant works the morning shift as well. I suspected that with our reporting this to his attorney, Kevin would be moved out of Low into the Camp early, but not into the SHU, and certainly not without any access to anything! The BOP doesn’t care HOW they do it, they just do it!  Kevin thinks that BOP has egg on their face since their systems didn’t detect the conflict. The BOP was directed by the AUSA (Assistant US Attorney) to separate the men, and the BOP doesn’t like looking bad.

Possessions Locked-Up

Guys, anything that can go wrong will go wrong…. there is more: Kevin put his wedding ring in his locker with his glasses.

BOP stuffs inmate’s property in a bag like this when they haul him to the Hole. Copyright: pixelsaway / 123RF Stock Photo

They locked up his locker and packed everything into duffel bags. We know how things get “lost/stolen” in prison, especially anything of value. It doesn’t matter that a guard slapped a lock on it and moved it into the CO’s possession. Worse, he doesn’t have his heart medications or his c-pap machine which needs so his oxygen levels don’t drop during sleep. His oxygen intake goes down to 70% without the c-pap, which causes severe stress on his heart. Nor does he have anything else that he needs for his regular medical issues.

In addition, he will more than likely be in the SHU over the whole Labor Day weekend!!! Here he has been upfront and honest, reporting all this on his own, and he is getting the brunt of it!