SHU Derangement

Prison Life

Mar 21

Friday, September 16th, 2011 |

I’m totally losing it!  Call it – SHU Derangement.  I’ve been sending cop-outs to my case manager to get an answer on when I will be transferred.  Silence … Nothing … Until today. He visited me this afternoon and we had a conversation through the closed cell door.  Very frustrating.  Essentially, the case manager said that there was nothing he could do.  He had no answers for me and did not know how long I would be in the SHU.  He said that he would “try” to get approval for another call to Christine.  I pressed him but it did no good.

He was very business-like in his demeanor, but I lost my patience.  I started yelling at him and I could care less that I was.  What was he going to do – throw me in the SHU!  It must have been very strange for him.  My hair and beard have gotten long.  I look like shit.  Here was this crazed guy yelling at him.  It was probably very stupid on my part.  I still need him to work my case to get me to the camp.

I am about as far down as I can get.  Need to make a change in my attitude – and fast!