Showering and Shaving in the SHU

Prison Life

Mar 21

Sunday, September 18th, 2011 |

It is almost impossible to shower and shave in the SHU so I don’t even try.  But, I can smell myself now so I know it is getting bad.  Today is the day that I must try again.  The problem is that there is no hot water.

Showering in the SHU

The shower is a stainless-steel, all-in-one unit with a push button that turns the water on for about 15 seconds at a time.  The water comes out very cold for the first 10 or 15 times I push the button.  I must stand outside the shower with one foot in to reach the button and keep on pushing until I get lukewarm water.  Lukewarm water is all I can hope for so that is when I will jump in.  The 15-seconds of water-on time takes some mastering to be able to suds and wash yourself quickly.  It seems like all I do is push the button, soap a little, repeat and repeat and repeat.  Besides the water being cold, the air temperature in the SHU is out and out cold.  Cold water and cold air don’t mix very well.  I’ll deal with it today but not every day.

Shaving in the SHU

The SHU also has an all-in-one toilet and sink combination unit.  The sink is directly above commode where you would normally have the lid to the water tank.  The sink also has a push button control for the water.  There is a stainless-steel “mirror” above the sink with a bunch of dents in it.  Previous inmates probably smashed their fists into it.  You can barely see your reflection so it is not very useful.

The CO’s give us little nubs of a safety razor for shaving.  I can barely hold it and it is very dull.  I cut my face the first time I tried to use it so I have not tried again.  I’ll shower today but the shaving must wait.  My beard is getting longer but I do not care.  I am so glad that Christine can’t come to visit so she doesn’t have to see me in this condition.