Prison Resources

Prison resources

These are some resources that you might find helpful:

FCI Butner Information:

This view of the FCI Medium I which is adjacent to the Camp.

  1. Every federal correctional facility will provide the inmate with an Admissions and Orientation Inmate Handbook that includes the policies and procedures for that institution.  FPC Butner is a satellite camp to FCI Medium I Butner so the camp’s handbook is the same as the Medium’s and it can be found here.
  2. The Commissary List changes about once a year, though only slightly, and it can be found here. Everything is grossly overpriced and few institutions ever address the affordability of commissary items even when inmate pay is not much more than $10 a month for most jobs.
  3. This is a Map of FCC Butner.  The camp is immediately adjacent to the FCI Medium I.
  4. FCC Butner website.  This website provides visiting hours, local contact information and how to send mail to an inmate.  The family should read this VERY carefully before visiting and discuss local requirements with the inmate.  Some CO’s are very particular about the dress of female visitors.  Shirts/blouses should have full coverage of the shoulders and no sandals or flipflops are allowed.

General Bureau of Prison Information:

  1. Main Bureau of Prisons website.
  2. Federal Inmate Locator
  3. Visitor Information Form. This form is required to be completed by the prospective visitor and mailed to the inmate’s counselor.  The counselor will inform the inmate when the visitor is approved and add the name to the list of that inmate’s approved visitors.  Do not even attempt to visit an inmate without going through this process.

Growth of U.S. Prison Population



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