Random Thoughts on Prison Life

Prison Life

Mar 07

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 |

I just wanted to share some random thoughts on prison life.  It was decidedly cooler this morning so I walked for about 45 minutes in the fresh air. It was great. I got on the scale this morning and weighed 2 #’s less than 2 weeks ago. So, I am a full 30 #’s less than at the beginning of the year. I can’t imagine gaining any weight here. Though, they had lasagna last night and it was not bad.

Services by Inmates

Many guys here have nothing except the meager amount they make working here. So, these guys will work for other inmates using stamps as currency. I am paying 4 stamps for someone to do my laundry and another 4 stamps to iron my uniform. I can get a haircut for 2 stamps. You would not believe how creative the inmates are preparing food! Food prices in the unit vary; there is nothing much more that 2-3 stamps except for pizza which is considerably more.

Controlled Movements

One of the biggest hassles for me is the controlled movement. As I told you before, we are only allowed to move freely out of the unit on the 1/2 hour once an hour. But, it gets more complicated than that. There’s more freedom of movement around meals, and if they don’t lock the doors, or if you get called out, you can move. The key to look for is other movement. It is best to follow the crowd. You do not want to stand out.

Reading and Praying

I have been praying and meditating each day trying to find some significance in my plight.  I have two books going all the time, and one of them is always a religious book. The Magnificat starts up tomorrow so I will read that each day.  I hope that God uses me as his instrument, and something good comes out of my situation. I have faith.