Public Health Officers in Prisons

Prison Life

Jun 21

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 |

One of my friends has some serious chronic pain issues.  He saw a Public Health pain specialist the other day.  The prison doctors have been treating him but he always felt that there were problems in his treatment plan. Public Health officers are doctors, PA’s and nurses who wear blue uniforms and have officer ranks just like the military. Apparently, they serve in prisons, VA hospitals and where their services are needed in public health emergencies.

His Public Health doctor reviewed his plan and was very critical of his former medication regime. The good news is that he changed my friend’s medications.  My friend feels much more confident that he will be helped by this specialist. He thought this guy was the most competent doctor he has seen at BOP.

In addition, I have another friend who has chronic back pain (remember this is a medical facility so there are a lot of people with chronic health issues).  He has been on a pain patch for some time. His goals are to lose a little more weight, get off the pain patch, and do some cardio. He saw a Public Health physical therapist yesterday that had a high rank. My friend was also impressed with this Public Health PT. They reviewed his situation and treatment history, and went through a treatment plan including rehab. The PT was upbeat about his prospects and about helping my friend achieve his goals.

I’ve been treated by some of these Public Health nurses without really understanding who they were and thought they were just ok. But, I’m encouraged about my friends’ experiences.