Problems Getting My Prescription Renewed!

Prison Life

Aug 17

Friday, May 18th, 2012 |

Medical wants us to turn in a prescription renewal form when we have four days of pills remaining. I submitted my form last Friday when I had five days remaining because of the weekend. But, medical will throw the prescription refill form away if you send it in with any more than four days remaining.  It didn’t matter that I turned it in early because of the weekend.

A nurse yelled at me today for checking on the status of my refill after two days. I hadn’t got my pills by the fourth day, so I went to check with the nurse during pill line. She didn’t have them and said that I should have re-sent the form after two days. I always get conflicting instructions from these people.

So, like everything else here, it was my fault that they didn’t refill my prescription. I’ve written about this often – it is always the inmates’ fault.  The staff is never at fault. Government employees are unbelievable! I dropped off another form indicating the urgency of the refill and went to sick line to ask them to call the pharmacy. I haven’t had my pills for two days, and I can’t go through the weekend without my drugs. We’ll see if they have them this afternoon for package pick up.

In another instance, I have a friend with serious back problems. So serious that he is on a narcotic pain patch. He goes to medical on certain days to get the patch replaced. My friend went the other day for a replacement when he was in significant pain. The nurse told him that the prescription was not renewed, and she didn’t know why. She started accusing him of not renewing the prescription and essentially blaming him. He asked how it was his fault? He told her that he wouldn’t know the renewal date. She was belligerent and unwilling to help him. Eventually, he went back again and got his patch. But, this attitude is very typical in the health services here.