Pettiness of Inspections

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Aug 03

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 |

The counselor posted infractions from Friday’s inspection yesterday, and the result showed the pure pettiness of inspections. I assume these are warnings rather than things that will result in shots. I got written up for a locker buddy.

There’s a lot of locker buddies in the camp, and they are common in all prisons. Locker buddies are typically made by inmates skilled with, and having access to, a sewing machine.  They are very handy for storing all an inmate’s small stuff on the inside of the locker door.  The locker buddy is such a convenience that I highly recommend it to any inmate.  The problem is that they could be considered contraband because they are not purchased through the commissary.

The counselor didn’t write-up a friend who had a locker buddy in his locker.  So, it appears that the application of the rules is dependent on who is opening the locker, or perhaps they are just making it up as they go along. I think it is a combination of both. Most of the infractions were like those I wrote about before.

However, the counselor wrote people up for having a hat, sponge, too many laundry bags on the coat hooks, having empty containers in the locker, bottle and containers in the locker that don’t have their original contents, and for having too many laundry bags. There was a whole lot more, but you get the picture.

They never had these inspections for the six months that I have been on the compound until three weeks ago. It’s not so much the inspections themselves, but it is more the pettiness and mean spirit in which the inspections are done.  This may be a prison and our punishment is being here. The staff is here to maintain security and take care of our well-being, not punishing us on their own.

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