Overzealous CO Enjoys His Power

Prison Life

Aug 17

Monday, May 14th, 2012 |

An inmate, who is in the inter-racial relationship, was caught holding hands during visitation with his girlfriend. He was warned by our overzealous CO, Opie, who I have designated as the Super CO. Technically, the rules state that an inmate can hold hands and kiss once at the beginning of the visit, and once again at the end of the visit.

Just before the guy got up to end visitation, he briefly held the hand of his girlfriend again. He was called up by Opie, and was told he was not getting a shot for it.  Instead, Opie would search the guy’s locker. Opie searched the locker and found a couple of magazines with someone else’s mailing label.  In addition, he had more than five magazines. Opie threw enough magazines away to get the number to five.

Opie could have given shots to both the inmate and the guy who gave the magazines to him. I have never heard of this rule being enforced at the camp. The BOP limits the number of magazines because an inmate could tape the magazines to his body creating body armor. Obviously, this shouldn’t be an issue at a camp.

An inmate cannot give ANY property (including magazines) to another inmate. Opie is just being a major pain, and he enjoys it. The inmate is probably going to write-up Opie because he thinks that Opie singled him out because of the inter-racial relationship.

Will Karma work against the staff?

I was wondering how karma work with some of the staff here. For example, how would Opie like to get a traffic ticket for doing one mile over the speed limit? That’s a good comparison for his lack of judgment and discretion with the shots he is giving or threatening.

We also see the out and out hate that some of the staff spews towards the inmates. It is the type of hate that will eat someone from the inside out. This is also true with the callousness and disrespect towards the inmates. The perfect example was when the COs carted out the dead inmate on a stretcher.  They allowed his hands to drag on the pavement. There’s nothing we can do to change the system. If only the public knew!