Early Releases Opened a Cell for ME!!!

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Apr 21

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 |

As expected, the early releases opened a cell for me today.  I was notified of my move off the beach to a cube late this afternoon.  Then, I spent most of the remainder of the evening moving.  There wasn’t much to move.  I was set up by the time I went to bed.

It is significantly quieter and darker than the beach. The cubes have one bunk bed, one chair, one built-in desk with seat, one stool, and two lockers that are elevated from the floor. My bunk has a shelf for my CPAP, which is convenient.  The walls are just less than six feet high with an open passageway to the common hall.  There are no doors so we don’t have cells, per se.  The unit is wide open with thirty-six cubes and six bunk beds on the beach.  The ceilings are very tall so there is nothing to contain the sound.

New Cellie

My new cellie is a younger black camper from the Detroit area.  He is a very bright guy who asked me to bunk with him.  Smith has been “down” (in prison) for a while and is “short” (meaning, he doesn’t have much time until he is released).  I asked him why he wanted me in his cell.  He said that he didn’t want a young troublemaker as a cellie.  Since he was so short, he doesn’t want the actions of a cellie to bring down any trouble on him and screw up his release.  Smart guy!

A choice of cellie is very important.  At the Low, I’ve seen guys ask potential cellies to see their charges on the court documents.  The reason being is that guys lie about their charges, especially if the charges involve child molestation.  An inmate doesn’t want to inadvertently have a cho-mo as a cellie because other inmates will draw the inference that the other guy is also a cho-mo.  It is very difficult, if not impossible, to change cellies once assigned.  I rarely saw cellies change at Butner, unless there was a change in bunk assignment status, such as a lower bunk pass.

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