Off-Site Medical Care

Prison Life

May 24

Thursday, January 5th, 2012 |

I got called to the front this afternoon and was told a CO would take me to a cardiologist’s office to have my ICD checked.  The BOP will take inmates to outside doctors and hospitals for off-site medical care if it is not feasible for the doctors to go to the FMC, or if the FMC can’t handle the medical procedure.  This is generally for specialist treatments where only a handful of inmates have a medical need.  Inmates enjoy the break from the compound, and are grateful that they are not going to the FMC for the day.

They don’t tell you in advance when you are leaving the compound as a security precaution. A few minutes after being called to the front, the CO and I drove in a government car for about 25 minutes north of Butner.  This was the first time I left the Butner compound since I arrived in August.  It was great being in the “real” world and seeing normal people and things.  I realized that I was becoming institutionalized already.  I have become accustomed to the camp routine and people.

Two other CO’s were in the doctor’s office with an inmate from the high security prison. The other inmate was handcuffed. I was never handcuffed, a privilege of being in the camp.  There were no other patients in the doctor’s office.  I didn’t ask, but the doctor probably didn’t want his patients seeing federal inmates in the office.

They checked my ICD and then we were on our way. The CO drove a scenic way back. He explained that they take different routes each way, again as a security precaution. I didn’t have any problems with the ICD so everything is looking good.