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Prison Life

Jul 13

Friday, March 30th, 2012 |

The current Butner warden is retiring (actually, being pushed out). We have a new warden starting in April. She is from Petersburg, VA. This place could use some new blood and a lot of changes. The new warden visited yesterday but I did not see her. They shuffled her around the camp but didn’t give her a chance to talk to any of the campers. I’m not sure that she walked through any of the units.

The change of warden could be very positive.  But, knowing the BOP, I doubt things will get any better.  There are very few personnel changes that occur at prisons that make much of a difference.

All the staff wants to make the best first impression.  The camp administrator has been pushing everyone hard, as I have been writing all week. I already told you about the petty and brutal inspections and shakedowns. I hope that has stopped.  It is the inmates that get the brunt of their effort to make themselves look good.  This is very unfortunate because tensions are so high right now.

Besides the new warden, there is a Regional inspection scheduled for next week.  They are working on prettying up the grounds and getting the grounds crew to do their jobs. I also saw where some of the rotted pieces of wood have been fixed. Several of the units were painted. Our orderlies stripped and waxed our floors today. The floor work has been a minor inconvenience but it is something that should be done regularly. This is the first time that the floors have been properly done since I have been here.

Now, if they would only cut down that ugly dead tree outside of our unit.