New Laundry System Problems

Prison Life

Jun 20

Monday, February 27th, 2012 |

The Laundry Department had my laundry ready on the same day. That’s the good news. The bad news is that not all the clothes were properly dried. In addition, the whites were not white enough, and the clothes were incredibly wrinkled. Overall, I appreciated the same day service but they did a terrible job on the laundry.

We are about six weeks into the new laundry system. As I previously written, they pulled all the washers and dryers from the units.  The camp is doing everyone’s laundry in the central laundry facility. It started out being a real nightmare but the system has gotten better. In the first weeks, clothes were coming back wet and there were long lines to pick up the clean laundry bags.

Typical prison laundry bag

After the first week, I decided to pay someone in laundry to do my washing and folding for $10/mo. It was originally worth it.  But, they improved their system to include dropping the clean bags in the units so I decided to do it myself.

My biggest complaints are that the whites come back off-white.  Also, the clothes are so wrinkled that there are guys ironing their undershirts. No kidding. I was paying someone four stamps to iron a set of pants and a shirt. Furthermore, I tried ironing on my own this past weekend. I did a pretty good job for never having ironed in the past.

The laundry is changing out my “whites” tomorrow morning. They change them out every six months. The “greens” get exchanged once a year. However, I have one green short sleeve shirt that is way too large, and another that is the “old-style faded green”. I’ll see if I can get two shirts that match color and size.