Missing Campers

Prison Life

May 09

Friday, December 16th, 2011 |

I’ve previously written that the camps don’t have fences so there is nothing that prevents a camper from crossing the border of the camp, except good sense when it is not allowed.  There are times when campers are authorized to leave the camp on their own.  There are campers that are drivers so they even use a BOP car or bus to drive around town.  Campers work at the other Butner facilities and even the nearby VA Hospital.  However, some missing campers will leave the compound to pick up contraband or for an illicit rendezvous.  There are woods around one border of the camp so leaving the camp is easy, and often undetectable.  Also, it would be very unusual for a witnessing camper to rat on another camper.

I was reading on Friday afternoon. It was cold and dreary with a possibility of rain so I was pretty laid back. I heard an announcement around 2:00 or 2:30 over the PA for everyone to get back to our units. It was the typical of voice that indicated right now; clear all areas and hurry up. This type of announcement doesn’t happen very often. The CO’s took a stand-up count at around 3:00, again very unusual. They did their standup count again at 4 pm. In addition, there were faces assisting in the count that I have never seen. We heard that the CO’s may have seen an inmate in the woods behind the recreation yard. They take these kinds of things very seriously. Everything was cleared by dinner, and I don’t think that anything was discovered because of the lockdown.

It could have been a false alarm, or the camper could have just gotten back to his unit before the CO’s closed the door.