Medical Turns Away Inmates Seeking Help

Prison Life

Sep 29

Monday, July 2nd, 2012 |

A guy in our unit had a heart attack, or so we thought.  He was complaining to medical about chest pains for three or four days prior to going to an outside hospital on Sunday.

Medical told him each time he went for help that there was nothing wrong with him.  They told him they would file an incident report against him for being “out of bounds” if he came in again. The inmate wrote Medical up on a BP-8 on Saturday for refusing to treat him.  This was the day before he went to the hospital.

We haven’t heard how he is doing, but we are assuming he is still alive.  A guy late last year had the same experience. He complained about pain in the gut and was consistently told by medical to leave. It turned out to be very serious.  I can’t remember the problem, but I do remember that he nearly died.

Even yesterday, a new inmate went to medical for the third time to complain about a serious cold or infection that was causing him severe discomfort. He was also told to leave medical and that they were not going to do anything for him. This guy is legally blind so I help him with his typing. He is writing up Medical this morning.  Alan is also seeking help from a rabbi that specializes in helping Jewish prisoners.

These incidents involved the same nurse involved in the inmate death. She is dangerous! It shows you that you really must fight for decent medical care.