Medical Records Need Safekeeping at Home

Prison Life

Jun 07

Thursday, January 26th, 2012 |

Everyone agrees that prison medical records need safekeeping at home.  So, I just mailed a complete set of my medical records to Christine. The BOP keeps a detailed record of all my hospital visits, sick call visits, test results, etc.  However, the records are only as good as the medical staff person inputting the information.  The BOP is notorious for recording incorrect data in inmate medical records.  The whole culture of the BOP is to shift blame for anything that goes wrong to the inmate and away from BOP staff.

An inmate must be diligent in following up on his medical care.  It is equally important to verify the information that is the result of that care.  Also, I have discovered things about what medical staff was documenting about my medical condition which they never verbalized to me.

Every inmate with medical issues should periodically request their medical records and review them for completeness and accuracy.  If something was ever to happen to the inmate, the family would have the medical records prior to any BOP staff member doctoring the data.  Some of my friends at Butner are doctors.  If I have any questions about my medical records, I will ask one of these guys to explain to me.  I get better medical answers from the inmate doctors than I do from the Butner medical staff.

BOP always runs up to a month behind in updating its records so their records are not necessarily to the present date. There is a date on the lower left of the first page indicating the last record date. Updates from tests prior to this date, but not inputted into their system, will appear when I request my next update.