Lower Bunk Pass

Prison Life

May 23

Thursday, December 29th, 2011 |

My cellie Smith got a lower bunk pass so he is moving out of my cell. This will give me some solitude in my cell until they assign someone new.  However, I have an incentive to find my own cellie, just like Smith asked me to bunk with him.

Cellies can get you in trouble.  When the CO’s shakedown a cell, they don’t discriminate between cellies if contraband is found.  The same applies if your cell is not up to standards during an inspection.  Both men can get “shots”, disciplinary action that can include the loss of privileges.  The problem is that there is no one currently on the beach that I want for a cellie.

All newly arriving inmates are assigned to the “beach” until the cells open.  Lower bunk passes are assigned to inmates that have health issues that would cause the inmate to fall or stumble out of the top bunk. I rarely, if ever, see someone permanently assigned to a lower bunk without medical issues.

There is some leeway for inmates to request to be assigned to certain cells, but always within the same unit. The camper’s counselor makes the bunk assignments.  So, it helps to have a helpful counselor when asking for a cell assignment.  Unfortunately, none of the counselors at Butner are inclined to do more than they must, and are certainly not inclined to go out of their way for the campers.

We currently have many empty beds.  This is because there have been guys leaving before the holiday but almost no transfers in. I expect to see new people after January 1st. I’m debating taking a chance of being assigned a good cellie or asking someone who is not ideal, but will work.