Locking Unit Doors For Census Could Be Life Threatening!

Prison Life

Aug 08

Friday, May 4th, 2012 |

I’ve written in the past how the COs have a policy of locking unit doors before and after counts, and at night, unlike other camps. I was thinking about this today – There would be a major issue if we had a fire! The doors cannot be broken down. The windows are too small for someone to crawl through, even if you could break the glass. There is a sprinkler system, but I don’t know if it is properly maintained (I doubt it).

In other facilities, there is a policy that a CO must be inside the unit each time the doors are locked for this fire reason. There are 84 guys in this unit. I never thought it made much sense to lock these doors at all.  But now that I really think about the implications in the event of a fire – it could be tragic!

Opie, our Super CO, has two days off, thank God! So, we have not had a census on these days. As I have said before, these census counts are totally worthless and not necessary.

Opie likes the census counts just to make our life that much more difficult. Other camps don’t do census counts, and it is rarely done here by other COs. I can understand the census if one of the perimeter COs saw something suspicious in the woods or yard. I hope the new warden stops this practice, among the other nonsense.