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May 30

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 |

The Camp had a “lockdown census” today.  COs are supposed to do this once a month, but rarely do. The lockdown census is announced over the camp PA system.  The inmates that are not working are supposed to immediately go back to their units and their cells.  The COs lock the unit doors a few minutes after the announcement.  Working inmates stay at their job.  A CO walks through units and the different job locations.  The CO then marks-off the inmate’s attendance.

A census is different from a count.  The census is not required and is not reported through the BOP system.  If a camper walk-off is suspected, the COs will call for a count.  I think that the census is done more to hassle the inmates than anything else.  Only a few of the COs take the census seriously.

Today’s census-taking CO asked me and other guys why we weren’t at work. The answer – our jobs were already done.

COs let us leave the workplace once there is nothing left for us to do. This is why I only work for about 30 minutes a day in foodservice. The foodservice CO at the Low made us stay in foodservice for the entire shift.  This was a total waste of time.

The Camp will do an “AM census” several times a week, but the CO just asks us for our name and bunk number. They occasionally do this in the afternoon as well.

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