Law Library

Prison Life

Apr 25

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 |

The law library is incorporated in the main library, and is not is a separate room like the Low. But, there are ample computers and all of them are never in use. A camper can spend all day and all evening in the library with no break, except for meals and counts.

They use the NexisLexis system.  I find it very cumbersome to use and it is not very intuitive.  The guys that are on the system all the time are very helpful with the program.  In every blue moon, a camper will have a class on how to use the system.  The education director refuses to help any inmates on using the reference resources.  It is better to ask other campers for help.

There are attorneys here that could be helpful to an inmate but the sheer number is going to be fewer than the Low. After all, there are 300 guys here versus 1400 at the Low.  Besides real attorneys, there are campers who fit the mold of jailhouse lawyer.  They have spent so much time working on their appeals that other campers come to them for help.  Some of these guys are good and know their way around the research.  However, they are not as effective in writing motions.  Both the real attorneys and the jailhouse lawyers stay very busy.  Most of these guys earn their way by charging for their services.

Campers are constantly coming and going from the camp library since the education rooms are directly tied to the library. I can’t get any regular studying or reading there except when I am at the law computers. The simple reason being is that the computers face the wall so your back is to all the activity. The deficiency of the library is more than made up by the other attributes of the camp which I have described before.