Labor Day Weekend Without Kevin

Family Impact

Mar 13

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 |

It’s been a brutal weekend, not knowing what is going on with my poor sweetheart! Fear of the unknown is the worst! Truly it is the devil working his craft, creating more fear. So, the seesaw of life begins, between fear and hope… hoping that Kevin is at peace and that nothing can touch him and his equilibrium.

I talked to Kevin’s attorney on the Friday of Labor Day weekend.  It became clear that the attorney had no control of the situation. The attorney couldn’t get to anyone in authority at Butner to get Kevin out of the SHU. I tried to call the SHU but I gave up after 36 hours. I finally had to leave a message for his counselor on Saturday mid-day knowing I wouldn’t get a call back until Tuesday, at best!

The attorney told me that it took the AUSA and the attorney for the other co-defendant over 72 hours to get a separation order to the BOP on an emergency basis! That’s the government for you…. too many people to do a few people’s work, so they can drag it out and make more money. Sick of Government! This is far worse than the Army ever was!