Inmates Fired for Telling the Truth

Prison Life

Jul 28

Monday, April 16th, 2012 |

I previously wrote about a scuffle between a SIS CO and an inmate  at the garage. The inmate was suspected of having a cell phone, and SIS were going to take him down. We had heard that the inmate resisted and got in a fight with the CO. The truth is not always that easy of an explanation since there were some witnessing inmates fired for telling the truth about the incident.

There is usually an investigation to support whatever sanctions, or additional charges, the BOP wants to impose on the offending inmate.  SIS asked three inmates that were working at the garage who witnessed the incident to write their witness statements. The inmates all wrote that the inmate did not resist. Seems like the inmate may have tensed up, but did not resist. So, the clear indication is that the COs used too much force for the situation.

Apparently, this is a truth the administration did not want to hear. All three inmates were fired from their garage jobs by the Camp Administrator.