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Aug 14

Thursday, May 10th, 2012 |

Yesterday’s incident with the inmate’s death has really shaken the compound. So far, none of the inmates have been interviewed by investigators. It could be that they are working through the staff first. It is my belief, as well as others, that Gary died unnecessarily.

All we really know is that he died in his cell while the COs were trying to get the Gary to the hole. The COs tried to subdue him to put cuffs and shackles on.  Remember that all the inmates were told to leave the building.  However, a few campers remained in their beds and were not noticed by the COs.  The campers overheard the commotion but did not see anything.  They said that Gary was resisting the COs attempts to handcuff and shackle him.

Nurse Valentine kept yelling at Gary saying, “You’re faking!  This is your last chance or you’re going to the hole!” Gary was screaming that he didn’t want to go to the hole.  I think Nurse Valentine left the building, so it was only Gary and the COs in the cell.  Sometime in the struggle, Gary apparently fell out of bed and cut his head.   Shortly thereafter, the campers said that they could no longer hear Gary’s voice.  The COs panicked realizing that Gary was dead. There was blood all over the cell floor.  Later, the staff that cleaned his cell left a bucket of bloody water in the cell.

My experience is that BOP staff shifts blame to the inmates and avoids taking responsibility for anything.

Expect a Whitewash on the Cause of the Inmate’s Death

BOP has a reputation for taking care of its own and whitewashing all problems. I really wonder if there is an investigation at all, much less independent.  The staff people involved in the situation are not on administrative leave.

We were told that there would be an autopsy, but that may not be reality. I was also told that his body was shipped to Miami today. This means that they would have had to done the autopsy last night. In any event, I believe that the BOP is at least negligent in this man’s death, if not directly responsible for his death. The fact is that he was crying for help and the staff was only concerned about taking him to the hole.

This statement is from Bill, a former inmate, who is in contact with Gary’s wife: “BOP told Gary’s wife that they have not determined the cause of death and that the autopsy and other tests will take about six – seven months (which is a bunch of bull).  The fact is that it was Nurse Valentine’s initial responsibility to treat him, plus given her history of always being blatantly indifferent to Gary’s previous medical needs, also gives rise to serious questions”.

A CO drove me to the hospital and said that he was told that the inmate committed suicide.  He was blown away when I told him the true story. I really believe that he didn’t know any better. Another inmate said that another staff member was told the same thing.

The BOP cover-up is on!

Questions about Medical Staff’s Competence

All this concerns me because it is evident that the BOP staff was not properly trained to (1) correctly determine that he was having a medical episode, and (2) effectively get him on a stretcher to get professional medical attention.

Further, if I have a cardiac episode and my ICD fires, I will be doing essentially the same thing that this inmate did – flailing and screaming out.  Accordingly, I would be serious trouble if my ICD fires. I plan to send the camp doctor a cop out to address my concerns about emergency medical treatment. The medical staff here is good at very minor emergency treatment but not catastrophic.


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