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Oct 04

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012 |

My friend whom we thought had a heart attack was back today.  He had a heart catheterization that showed nothing abnormal.  It could have been something like acid reflux or food poisoning.  He is going to continue with the complaint filed against medical.  It could have been much worse than it was but I’m glad he is ok.  This reminds me of other stories regarding inmate medical care.

FMC Inmate Medical Care

I heard a few more horror stories about guys in the FMC. I have a friend that spent a year in the FMC for cancer treatment. He had two roomies die while he was there, but neither died from cancer. I’m glad he is not my cellie!

One of the guys went to sick call every day for a week complaining that he wasn’t feeling good. Medical never let a doctor examine him, and did nothing to diagnose the problem. They just sent him back to his room. Finally, one day he looked terrible and couldn’t really function. My friend put him in a wheelchair and took him to ambulatory care. They finally examined him and sent him to an outside hospital.

My friend saw the nurse later in the day who matter-of-factly told him that his roomie had passed away earlier that afternoon. He knows they did an autopsy but doesn’t know the cause of death. My friend gave the guy’s family the story of BOP’s treatment neglect and told them that they probably had a reason for a lawsuit. Get this – BOP would not release his body to the family for 60 days!

Busted Gall Bladder

Another guy in our unit had his gall bladder burst a few weeks ago. He was taken to an outside hospital for emergency surgery. He was clearly in danger of dying. His family was not notified of his condition for a few days, and he was not allowed to talk to them. The BOP would not tell the family what hospital he was staying so there was no way they could visit him.

Not telling the family the name of the hospital is common because BOP fears the security risk (i.e., that he might escape). He was eventually released one evening and got to the unit at about 11 pm. He looked terrible. The next morning, they took him to the FMC to recuperate. He probably should have been transferred directly to FMC because his condition was so fragile. It is a miracle he is still with us!