Don’t Join an Inmate Committee!

Prison Life

Sep 13

Monday, June 18th, 2012 |

I previously told you about the town hall meeting where the Assistant Warden (AW) threatened to take away the TVs  and other things if they find more cell phones. In addition, I’ve written about how poor and unsanitary the central laundry is.  The campers are upset about these things and complain among themselves.  But, most inmates don’t think it is worth the risk of staff retaliation to complain too loudly to the administration.  However, there is a guy in our unit who wants to form an inmate committee to take grievances to the camp administrator.

This guy is very outspoken about certain things here including the laundry. He got some rashes that medical have attributed to the laundry. The water is probably not hot enough and no non-bleach whitening agents are being used. He wrote a cop out to complain and he has been openly complaining about a few other things.

The camp administrator invited him to form an inmate committee to present inmate complaints to herself and the AW. He asked me to be on the committee. I turned him down. The administration will play him as a fool and dupe. This is especially true since the new warden is supposed to be starting on July 1st.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are trying to head-off some of these inmates’ complaints in advance. I also think it is a trap because they would never tolerate inmates getting together to form any type of committee. They would frame it as “incitement”. If you have a complaint, you are better off addressing it yourself.