Incarceration Stress

Prison Life

Apr 27

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 |

Incarceration stress is a real issue.  Some guys can’t handle the stress of incarceration.  One of the guys, who I know well, just had a bad panic attack.  He’s got diabetes so I thought that was his problem.  No, he just flipped out over personal issues and was belligerent.  The COs cleared out our unit and sent us to the back of the compound.  They put him on a stretcher and shackled him.  I assume they will take him to the FMC.  We all have personal issues.  Some can handle it, and others can’t.

You see signs of stress everywhere.  Guys generally don’t talk about their issues, but many have serious issues at home.  The worry about their family, health and little things.  Much of the stress builds up inside and then it pops.  I have not seen much physical altercations yet, but I have seen a lot of arguing between inmates.

Recreation in prison is a necessity.  Most able-bodied guys engage in some sort of physical activity.  The most common being walking or running the track and lifting weights.  These are excellent stress busters.  Other guys read, paint or knit.  Everyone does their time in their own way.  “You do your time your way, and I will do my time my way” is a common saying.

I have found that it is best not to increase another campers stress.  In other words, mind your own business.  Most verbal and physical altercations occur when an inmate butts into another man’s business.  It is best to keep your mouth shut, and mind your own business.

I feel the stress too worrying about Christine.  Meditation, walking and lifting weights work best to relieve stress.