Pre-Incarceration Consulting Services

(for those that never took Kevin's ethics programs)

I spent 37 months in federal prison and experienced the full gamut of life as an inmate and my family made-do without me. I am a transformed person because of my time in prison, but I would not wish the prison experience on anyone.  As an Pre-Incarceration Consultant, I help others prepare for and navigate their time in prison. The pitfalls are many, but preparation by an experienced pre-incarceration consultant can alleviate the fear and apprehension that a sentenced person feels as they are waiting for the day they must report to prison.

My wife and I can also tell you that what an inmate experiences are nothing compared to the worry and loneliness of the inmate’s family. It is harder on the family than the inmate. Our pre-incarceration consulting services address the preparation for both the inmate and the family. Other pre-incarceration consulting services focus solely on the inmate and end when the inmate reports to prison. We are available to the inmate’s family during the full time of our client’s incarceration.

Both Christine and I are trained Stephen Ministers through our churches so we compassionately and non-judgmentally lead our clients down a path where they can emotionally and confidently look forward to surviving separation with an end in sight. I am not an attorney, so I am not here to give you legal advice, but the help I have to offer can save you a lot of grief and aggravation so you can prepare for prison life.

You can get some excellent information by reading my blog, but there is no substitute for the one-on-one discussions that we provide to prepare you for prison life.

As part of pre-incarceration consulting services, we help our client understand and prepare for: 

  • How to turn over your finances to your family and what they will need from you
  • Your voluntary surrender and first day at the facility (essential to prioritize the things you need right away)
  • Prison protocol involving getting along with other inmates
  • What personal items you can bring in and keep in your cell
  • Residential drug treatment programs (RDAP) and how you can get your sentence reduced by up to 18 months
  • How to find peace in doing your time
  • Communication procedures involving mail, email, and phone
  • Medical and dental concerns, prison medical facilities and chronic health problems
  • How to stay healthy and fit given the typically abysmal food choices
  • What is deemed contraband
  • Discipline incident reports (“shots”) and administrative procedures
  • What to do during shakedowns
  • What are “counts” and what is being “out-of-bounds”
  • Furloughs, of any kind
  • Commissary (restrictions on what, when and how to buy)
  • Transfer requests and involuntary relocations
  • Facility employment including UNICOR
  • What happens if you get sent to a Special Housing Units (SHU, aka “the hole”) – I know because I spent 28 days in solitary!
  • How to get along with, and what to expect from, your case manager and counselor, especially when you are seeking specific housing and work assignments
  • Visitation procedures
  • What educational opportunities are available
  • What is the Inmate Financial Responsibility Program
  • Should you listen to any “jailhouse lawyers”
  • What are the different levels of security and what they mean to you
  • How will you be monitored by your probation officer upon release during home confinement and supervised release
  • We help the family with: 

  • Getting approved for and preparing for visitation
  • What and how to mail to you (BOP is very particular about ALL incoming mail because of the risk of contraband)
  • Transferring money to the inmate
  • How to set up your phone to minimize telephone costs
  • Dealing with the prison bureaucracy so you can be an outside advocate for your partner
  • What to do if you don’t hear from your loved one
  • What are your rights to visit or talk to an inmate that is in the hospital or the SHU
  • We are immediately available to hold your hand should an emergency arise and talk you through almost anything that could go wrong
  • How to prepare your home for the probation officer’s inspection to determine eligibility for home confinement

  • We help criminal attorneys prepare their white-collar clients for prison: 

    Who knows more about the prison experience than someone who has been there? Inmates and their families need to be prepared for the prison experience and often rely on their attorney for advice. But, most attorneys do not know the pitfalls and opportunities of incarceration enough to alleviate the fear of their clients. Quite simply, they haven’t been there and can’t speak from first-hand experience. The object for anyone going to prison should be “do your time” and become a better person because of the journey. Kevin reveals his survival secrets in either one-on-one coaching consultations, a shorter keynote-type presentation, or a 3-hour workshop tailored to white-collar criminal attorneys.

    In regards to our fee, we take into consideration your particular circumstances which we will discuss on the first call. Please contact us for more information and to explain your case in detail.