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Jun 30

Monday, March 19th, 2012 |

The camp posted a horticulture class for enrollment.  The description that was posted stated that the class met five days a week and was also a work detail (meaning the inmates get paid for attending). They had more than a dozen guys sign-up and start in the class.  The class involves some classroom instruction and time in the greenhouse.  They also start a garden and are responsible for tending it daily.  The greenhouse and garden are on the far side of the recreation yard.

A few weeks into the course the campers find out they are not going to get paid. Several of these guys took time off from their regular jobs to take this course. They wouldn’t do it if they knew they weren’t going to get paid. A lot of guys need their jobs because they have no other source of income.  The course description was too good to be true, and the guys were had!  I don’t know how many have quit so far.

The previous session was taught by an outside instructor. They had a pretty good size planting of some crops and plants. The instructor went on vacation for a week. She gets back to find out that some genius BOP staff had the garden field bush-hogged and plowed under. The instructor is obviously very upset, complains to the warden, and of course, nothing comes of it. She never returns to teach again.  I don’t blame her.

The screw-up on the class description and the plowing under of the garden are typical of the incompetence of the BOP staff.

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