Friends Went Home

Prison Life

May 12

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 |

My two friends went home today as planned.  We had our pictures taken together over the weekend.

Kevin (middle) with friends

I heard that R&D was very lackadaisical and blatantly indifferent about processing their release.  The only reason that Bill made his flight is because the plane was delayed for mechanical difficulties.  I went through the same R&D two months earlier and I can easily see those CO’s taking their sweet time processing the release of my two friends.  Joe’s family was waiting outside to take him home so the CO’s had to know that they were waiting.  Routine releases happen every day so perhaps these guys were on the raw end of CO indifference.

They saw our case manager and counselor at R&D as well.  The report I got was that these two women were very rude to them.  There was no need for this.  These two women could have showed some class and wished them well, but that was not going to happen.  The Butner camp staff is known for its indifference to campers.  No one can expect them to change their attitude for the guys going home.