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May 25

Friday, January 6th, 2012 |

I previously wrote about my friend David who had been teaching Money Smart.  He had his care level reduced to a two so he would be transferring to a camp closer to home.  I was to take over his class when he left. The BOP will transfer inmates out of medical facilities once their medical care no longer requires chronic attention.

In the meantime, David was diagnosed with the thyroid cancer.  He is lucky that he is at Butner rather than another prison.  Butner specializes in cancer treatment.  If an inmate has cancer, he wants to be at Butner.  It is amazing how many inmates at Butner have cancer.  Cancer must be the number one disease for inmates at Butner.

David had a lump on his throat for a few weeks before they could get him into surgery. He immediately went back to a Care Level 3 pending the results of the operation. The operation showed the thyroid cancer, and they put him up to a Care Level 4. This is also dangerous because a Care Level 4 designation may get the inmate transferred to the FMC.  The camp is so much better than the FMC.  However, there is no chance that he will get transferred closer to home now.  He is rightly disappointed because he has never been a convenient drive from his family.

The good news is that they are expediting his cancer treatment. This very unusual but I am very happy for him.  The operation appears to be a success and they are telling him that his survival expectations are in the high 90 percentiles.  Overall, this is a success story for BOP medicine compared to others I have seen.


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