FMC Trip for Colonoscopy

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Aug 04

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 |

I had a FMC trip for a colonoscopy yesterday. Medical required me to go to the FMC the previous day for my “prep” elixir.  Handing me a gallon jug and printed directions took all of three minutes with a nurse, but a total of three hours for the trip.

The procedure went fine.  The prep/recovery area and operating room were fully-equipped with modern equipment. I really can’t complain about my treatment by the surgery personnel. There were seven other guys who were also lined up in the prep/recovery room for their procedures.  I was last to be operated on.

I have noticed that the outside doctors and medical professionals are much better than the BOP employees. My doctor was a super nice guy and fully explained the procedure and results. He and others truly treated the inmates with respect. I can’t say that about some of the BOP employees. It may be a difference between being a government employee and someone in private practice.

I made it back to the camp at about 3:15 so it was a long day

FMC Trip

I’ve taken many trips to the FMC, but I will recap the FMC trip process again. The bus to the FMC leaves at 8 am. Campers must check out at the FCI I/Medium, since they have inmate control there. We arrive at the FMC and generally must wait for 30 minutes or so for a CO to take us to R&D. Next, we change into temp uniforms in R&D, and then we are escorted to our appointments.

I’ve been with as many as seven guys and as little as three. We must wait for the escorting CO to come around to the respective medical office again when we finish with our appointment. Then we go back to R&D to go through the entire process in reverse. The FMC COs try to time the campers’ departure with other inmates from other Butner facilities, but this doesn’t always happen.

The FMC CO will call the camp to have just one inmate picked up to return to the camp. If you are not out of FMC by lunch, you will be there into mid-afternoon. We can generally get back to the camp within 15 – 30 min’s from when the FMC desk calls the camp for our pick up.

The guys from the other facilities have it much worse than us. If someone goes to the FMC often, they would die to have the opportunity to go as a camper. Inmates from the other facilities must report to their R&D very early in the morning, change into temp uniforms there, and then are shackled for their trip. They all go and return together. In addition, they are locked in holding cells until they are ready to go both ways. It’s a major hassle!