Expect Weekly Shakedowns at the Camp

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Jun 23

Friday, March 9th, 2012 |

There was another shakedown in the other units today. We were locked into our unit all morning. One of the COs came through and said we can expect weekly shakedowns at the Camp. It only creates an inconvenience to me since I have nothing to worry about.

We had a big shakedown two weeks ago. For some unknown reason, they took the medicines of one of the guys in our unit during that shakedown. He STILL has not been able to get them replaced. Medical has treated him very condescendingly (surprise!), and even told him to take it up with his counselor. It’s not a counselor issue. The counselors can’t get him his medicine back. The regular COs were good enough to search for the med’s but were not able to find them. So, this guy is very frustrated.

Also, it is not unusual for the camp doctor to unilaterally eliminate, or reduce medicine doses, without consulting the specialist who prescribed them in the first place. I saw one guy get sick because of this.

How Hard to Push It?

It’s one thing to stand up to them but another to be insolent.   Health services folks do just about anything they can to make life difficult for the inmates. I believe that they have lost (or may never have had) any sense of compassion.

It is a fine line on how much to push these issues. If you push too hard then you get in an argument that you cannot win. The staff can get very vindictive. It is not unusual for them to “lose your paperwork” when it it’s time to submit the release paperwork for halfway house or home confinement.  Even worse, I’ve seen guys go to the hole, or get thrown behind the fence, when accused of insolence.

We have a guy here who was sent to the halfway house but was returned to the camp because he couldn’t give himself his insulin shot, and the halfway house people weren’t going to do it. He was supposed to be sent to home confinement in the first place. Upon his return to Butner, he was told that they would process his release to home confinement from Butner. This was seven weeks ago… and nothing. He complained to the warden, and now the case manager is all pissed off.  We can expect her to sit on that file for a while.


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