Dog Days of Summer

Prison Life

Sep 26

Saturday, June 30th, 2012 |

It is brutally hot here at 106 degrees. It is so hot, in fact, that the camp closed the rec yard for safety purposes during these dog days of summer. I have been inside since 9:15 except for lunch.

TVs Back On

The camp turned the TVs back on yesterday. I guessing there was backlash about punishing 300 guys for cell phones that didn’t belong to them. The AW backtracked and said that the TVs were turned off because the units were not sanitary. This clearly was not true. But anyway, the camp administrator did inspections on Thursday and Friday and declared everything as ok.

It came just in time because of this heat. It is better for the guys to be watching TV than just hanging around doing absolutely nothing (though watching TV is my idea of doing absolutely nothing).

Campers in the Hole

The AW told some guys that there were 40 campers in the hole. Something like 30 of those were for cell phones. Two of those have already pleaded guilty of the additional charge.  They will get an extra year added to their sentence and loss of all privileges (except immediate family visits) for 18 months. The rest of the 30 are in some form of investigation or charges pending.  The phones have been shipped to the FBI to identify its owner for prosecution.

I know some of the remaining 10 guys will be coming back to the camp. We already had one return earlier this week. We were also told that at least one of the guys is going to get re-designated to a medium facility and the rest will be designated to a Low elsewhere. The guys being shipped out are being sent about as far away from home as possible.

I’m hoping the crackdown is over with.

Cells Opened

Our counselor moved most of the guys on the beach into cells. As you can imagine we had a lot of cells open with the crackdown.

One of the guys that did not get moved is trying to get his FRP (financial responsibility payment) reduced. He came from the cadre at FMC which paid a lot more than his job at the camp. He can’t afford to make the same payment so he is trying to get it reduced.  On FRP refusal status, he is assigned to the least desirable housing.

The other guy that didn’t get moved has only been here for a few days. I’m expecting a lot of new guys in the next two weeks to take these spots.