Day 5 in the Hell Hole

Prison Life

Mar 13

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 |

I’m into my 5th day in this SHU hell hole.  I have no idea when I am getting out. I finished my Patton book last night. My Thursday mail was delivered on Friday and I still haven’t received Friday’s mail yet. I’m going stir crazy which is a factor of sitting in a small cell, and the uncertainty of when my situation will get resolved. In addition, I still don’t have my property yet.  I have no effective way to demand it.

I sent a Cop Out to my case manager this morning asking that I be sent to FMC today if there was no bed for me at the Camp.  There is no guarantee he will get it today.  There is nothing I can do to force the issue. I am so very frustrated that I cannot talk to Chris or send my letters to her since I don’t have access to my stamps yet. There is no one here that cares for the welfare of the inmates, cruel, but true!

I have developed some bone bruises from sleeping on my bed so lying down is very painful. I put in a Cop Out to see a nurse but that hasn’t been answered yet either. I’ll try to get an egg crate mattress to put over the worthless mattress that I have now.

I really feel for Christine though. I know that she is going nuts not hearing from me.

As much as I am suffering right now, I am not alone. There are about 1400 inmates in Low that have families and friends that they long for. Of all the guys I have met, I have the shortest sentence. Given the circumstances, I feel blessed that my time is as short as it is.