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Prison Life

Apr 24

Friday, November 4th, 2011 |

The person responsible for education summoned me to her office to ask why I hadn’t submitted a course syllabus for the Real Estate Investment course.  I stated, in reply, that she told me earlier in the week that I may not be able to teach it because my conviction was associated with real estate. She then asked if I could teach a creative writing course. I stated that I was not sure that I was qualified. She responded that she wasn’t looking to teach inmates to write books or stories, but to write simple correspondence such as letter to the editor with emphasis on grammar, spelling and sentence structure. I stated that I could teach that class.  I’ll start teaching creative writing next quarter.

BOP certainly spends very little time, if any, to adequately prepare inmates for productive jobs on the outside. By productive, I mean training for jobs that ex-felons can get hired for.  I don’t think too many of these guys will use creative writing when they are back on the streets.

I took the opportunity to engage her in a discussion regarding eBooks and electronic book readers. She had no clue what I was talking about, so I explained. This is the person responsible for the library and educating of inmates for their release.  She has no clue of the fastest growing trend in books and publishing!

This is typical of the BOP incompetence that I have witnessed so far.  The management of this facility (and I am told that Butner is not unusual) is extremely poor. I have numerous reasons for saying this including the absolutely waste of staff time, not utilizing their resources properly, inefficient procedures, ineffective management of the campers, and the condescending attitude to the inmates.