Contraband Busts

Prison Life

Aug 31

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 |

Some guys are so stupid. I have written often that guys are always trying to bring in contraband such as cell phones and smokes. It happened again last night. Two guys got busted when they ventured into the woods at around 8 pm. I know a guy that warned them that there was a lot of COs around, and they blew off the warning. Of course, they were spotted by the perimeter trucks.

The COs shut down the compound and a bunch them converged on the area. They got the guys and their stash which included large quantities of booze, cell phones and cigarettes.  These guys can get additional charges for bringing contraband into a prison. This is very serious.

I’m getting the impression that there are few cigarettes and cell phones on the compound because of all the recent raids.  So, I bet there is serious money involved in bringing new stuff in.  There are a lot of snitches on the compound trying to save their own asses. This is a huge consideration for the guys that bring in contraband.  This is a small place and rumors spread fast.

All this is compounded by the finding of some cell phones in the Native American Indian camp area. They have a teepee and campfires in this area. It is on the far edge of the recreation yard so it is a tempting area to hide phones. Those guys had to change their worship schedule to accommodate the chaperoning by a chaplain.