The Commissary is Outrageously Expensive!

Prison Life

Feb 20

Thursday, August 18th, 2011 |

I started Thursday off by going to sick call to wait an hour for them to look at my finger in order to tell me in 5 seconds that my TB test was negative.  Later, I had to go back to medical again to have my DNA test.  So, I guess I am now in the national DNA database.  Even later, I went back to medical once more for my prescriptions which they normally distribute through a pill line.  They gave me mine to take back to the unit so I will not have to wait in line each morning.

Looking for a Job

Everyone is telling me that I should find my own job or the counselor will assign me to a food service or orderly position.  I decided to play to my strength so I went to the library/education department and applied for a job in either the library or tutoring inmates.  They took my application but said that these were popular jobs and guys did not give them up easily.   I also got the application for paralegal training offered from a correspondence college.

Inedible Food Last Night

The food last night was not edible.  They served scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy for dinner!  I ate almost nothing.  On Friday morning, they served cake with breakfast.  I haven’t even seen dessert at lunch or dinner, and they serve cake at breakfast!!


I picked up my stuff at the commissary last night after dinner.  I went over my spending limit so I had to take some stuff off my list but got everything I thought was really important.  I really can’t survive without a watch, tennis shoes, radio, head phones, lock and some toiletries.  I can buy stamps every week but I can’t go to the commissary for another 30 days!!  Everything is 3-5x as expensive as in the real world. Christine tells me that the vendor for the Commissary is under investigation and there have been numerous complaints about what they charge in the system, but nothing changes. $300 doesn’t buy you much here. Just look at this Commissary List.

Stamps as Cash

Stamps are the underground currency here.  There are guys who carry them around as they would cash.  You can also buy stamps at less than face value by buying commissary items for the seller, so I am told.

I slept well last night.  Went to bed at about 10:15 and woke about 5:45. Fridays are supposed to be laid back so we will see.  I am going to work out on the next move.

I got some clarification on visiting hours from another inmate.  Sat, Sun and Mon are 8:30 – 3, Thurs & Fri are 2:30 to 8. Saturday and Sunday are only every other weekend.  I’ll confirm one more time with the counselor.